Making a profound positive change in the food system through low impact protein, nutrient upcycling, and bold innovation. 

Symbrosia is a bio-inspired venture that has developed contained symbiotic systems to produce methane-reducing macroalgae as a cattle feed supplement. Our systems produce seaweed where it is needed, at a low cost and without environmental impact. As a byproduct, we sustainably raise local shrimp to combat the socially and environmentally degrading issues within the global shrimp supply chain. 


Red Asparagus Algae

Our decision to cultivate A. taxiformis is at the heart of our company. No one is currently growing this species of seaweed in a recirculating system and the potential benefit is vast. Research has shown that when A. taxiformis replaces just 2% of cattle feed, there is a 99% reduction in the methane production of cattle.