Making a profound positive change in the food system through low impact protein, nutrient upcycling, and bold innovation. 

Symbrosia has developed a patent-pending system to cultivate the red macroalgae, Asparagopsis taxiformis, together with Whiteleg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) efficiently and sustainably. Using a recirculating system, the seaweed and shrimp share the same water - nutrients from the shrimp waste are filtered and utilized as fertilizer for seaweed, and the freshly cleaned and oxygenated water is cycled back into the shrimp tank. This creates a closed system where the only output is a small loss of water due to evaporation and in our system, the only input is the food for the shrimp.


Red Asparagus Algae

Our decision to cultivate A. taxiformis is at the heart of our company. No one is currently growing this species of seaweed in a recirculating system and the potential benefit is vast. Research has shown that when A. taxiformis replaces just 2% of cattle feed, there is a 99% reduction in the methane production of cattle.